Kevin McCarthy Won't Say Who He Promised He Would Give 1/6 Footage To Tucker Carlson To

Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy mentioned he promised to present 1/6 footage to Tucker Carlson, however McCarthy received’t say to whom he made that promise.

McCarthy tried to defend turning the footage from the Capitol safety cameras over to Tucker Carlson.

The New York Times reported, “I promised,” Mr. McCarthy mentioned on Wednesday in a short telephone interview during which he defended his resolution to grant Mr. Carlson unique entry to the greater than 40,000 hours of safety footage. “I was asked in the press about these tapes, and I said they do belong to the American public. I think sunshine lets everybody make their own judgment.”

A key a part of that remark wasn’t adopted up on by The Times. Who did McCarthy make this promise to? Was it a part of this promise that Tucker Carlson bought an unique on the footage?

The vagueness of McCarthy’s reply and the willingness of the media to let him slide leaves many questions unanswered. Democrats can negate the McCarthy/Carlson propaganda plot by getting the footage themselves and releasing it to official massive information organizations with bigger audiences than Carlson’s.

Kevin McCarthy made quite a lot of secret guarantees to get elected speaker, and it seems that certainly one of them might endanger the safety of the Capitol and the nation.


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